Wednesday, 22 October 2008


The Happy Gilmore idea has been put on the backburner. For now atleast.
Now that im back in uni, the project briefs have to come first.
Here are a few walks that I have done this week. It was also my first time using maya, so out of my confort zone. i came across a few problems, but I got used to it in the end.
these need alot of work.....but im not sure whether to carry on with them, or start again from scratch using the knowledge i have learnt. I have to start new walks for my next project anyway, these i will be sure to make as good as i can get them.
anyway, here is what i have been working on so far......
(sorry if the video is shakey, not sure why)


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

First Blog......

.......Hey ,
Hows it going? Im Luke.I am currently studying computer animation at the atrium, just about to go into my third year.
So i thought id set up a blog account for anyone who is inerested in animation or in me.
I am having my summer break right now but i am currently working on a clip taken from "Happy Gilmore", a film that i am quite fond of.
at the moment it is in blocking stages and i am having trouble with 3D Studio Max and Windows Vista.( I bet alot of people can relate to that)
If i ever manage to solve this problem i will upload my attemps once the blocking has been completed.

btw if you bored - i play in a band.check it out -