Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Double Bounce and a bit of Music


so im working on a double bounce walk at the moment.
its a bit of a challange, but its great fun to try and re-create the 1930's double bounce.
here is what i have so far, its early stages, just trying to get the body and legs working.....

Also i have started a new dialouge peice for uni.

i decided to do something a little different.

i wanted to bring the musical element that disney and other animation studios bring to there 2D productions to Computer animation -

so iv started a block out.not quite sure on some of the poses, but i only really started it yesterday so its a long way to go.

the clip is from FAME the musical, the song is - I want to make magic

aswell as these two i have a lot on at the moment so i try and keep u posted best i can

i cant seem to post the video in this blog.so i will upload it on another blog :)

bye for now